“The most important ingredient in any meal is family & friends.” – Lando, chef & owner

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Happy’s Hawai’i specializes in organic Asian-fusion cuisine. The fusion and flavors are influenced by Lan’s Vietnamese family culture infused with a melting pot of diverse backgrounds while growing up in the United States.

We believe the secret to food is fresh ingredients. Since the Hawaiian islands boast a wide array of exotic fruits and vegetables, the menu continually adapts to the seasons offering both traditional and unique fusion delights.

We want to keep ourselves in a constant state of innovation. At Happy’s Hawai’i, we don’t just offer food, but a new art form of re-establishing strong relationships with the community and creating an environment to feed all the senses.

A note from Lando, chef & owner:
“What’s different from my catering company than others, is that it’s just me. I’m the owner, chef, personal assistant, dishwasher, clean-up crew, and coordinator.  You might catch me dancing and laughing while chopping up some veggies, but don’t think it’s because I’m goofing off. I work hard. I just love and have fun at what I do.

I support local farmers and small businesses with a strong nurture in the arts and the environment. My food contains no MSG, no artificial flavorings, and as little to no preservatives. Everything is made from scratch… from the coconut milk, to the mayonnaise and to the chili sauces. I only use the freshest and highest quality ingredients and cater to different vegetarian & gluten-free diets.

I also believe that great food must come with great service! I’m here for all your questions and concerns. I am committed in making the planning and process as easy and fun as possible. This will the most unique, beautiful and delicious food experiences you’ll have on Hawai’i!”