Cooking with Mom, a Vietnamese classic, Bánh Xèo, also known as ‘Sizzling Cake’. It is a rice flour turmeric batter making it completely gluten-free. The filling inside is a mixture of jicama, carrot, white carrot, enokitake mushroom, green onion, and large shrimp. It is served with the classic Vietnamese chili-lime fish sauce and fresh red lettuce, mint, cucumber, shiso, and Vietnamese coriander (rau răm), which in my opinion, is one of the most flavorful and aromatic herbs I have tasted. Vietnamese cuisine, unlike any other I have tried, is packed with fresh herbs and vegetables making the combination of hot and cold very light and refreshing.

Here the batter is poured into a hot frying pan that has been brushed with oil. It should make a ‘sizzling’ sound where it get its name. Cover for a few minutes to ensure batter gets cooked all the way through. Over medium heat, you will start to see some clear holes popping through, which means the batter is getting cooked.
Now add the filling. It’s important to make sure the crepe is fully cooked before adding the filling. The crepe should be cooked ’til lightly brown and crispy.
Bánh Xèo is served with the Vietnamese chili-lime fish sauce and fresh green or red lettuce, cucumber and a variety of fresh herbs. The fresh vegetables and herbs make you feeling instantly revived and refreshed and not to mention all the medicinal properties. Invite me over and I’ll make you some homemade Bánh xèo!