Dear North Shore, 

I’m trying to get you. You like to surf. You like to swim, play with turtles, and exfoliate your skin with the golden sands of the shoreline. Your backyard is your playground. Why would you ever want to leave your house? Oh yeah, you need to eat. And with your active lifestyle, you want to eat healthy, and delicious food, and maintain a bikini body all year around.

Well, I got a little idea. And if we work together, we can make this happen. I like to cook. No, I love to cook. One of my inspirations from my recent trip to Vietnam, has got me pondering whether this simple idea could work in the North Shore.

North Shore! Keep surfing! Keep swimming! Keep rolling the in sands, and basking in the sun. I will cook and deliver homemade, all from scratch, delicious meals made from local produce, organic meats, and no preservatives! And there’ll be plenty of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options! And like the folks I met in Vietnam, I will go the extra mile and deliver them to your doorstep.

But like within any strong community, there’s going to be a little give-and-take that will be needed from the both of us to get this idea working. You need to plan ahead, order by midnight the night before, and tell your friends and neighbors. I will have some items available all the time, plus specials of the day. It’s got to work for the both of us.

To test this idea, I’m going to try this home delivery project starting this Monday and Tuesday for folks living in Mokuleia, Waialua, Haleiwa, Pupukea, Kawela, Turtle Bay, and Kahuku. Ask me if you’re not sure I cover your area. Meals will be delivered between 4-7pm with an hour window request. You must order by midnight the night before. I’m going to put faith towards our community and offer free delivery. Order by phone, text, email, or my website! Let’s make this happen, North Shore!