thai_udonI guess I might as well continue on describing a little bit more on how I am practicing the art of mindful cooking. It’s important for me to let people know what’s in their food and how each ingredient is intentionally added with purpose and sometimes reason. You’ll never get the exact same dish every time as new vegetables or fruits are continuously changing, and sometimes, I  feel like the dishes need to continually evolve. However, the basics don’t ever change. I cook by color and texture, and I want every bite to be bursting with flavor.

Another dish that is offered in the ‘Delivering Happy’s-ness‘ North Shore home delivery project, is the Mama Thai Udon Noodle with Tofu. Usually, I make this dish with shrimp, but for vegetarians we substitute it with a non-GMO locally made tofu here in Hawai’i. The udon is also freshly made in a specialty noodle shop in Chinatown. From time to time, when I get my hands on fresh coconut, I will make my own coconut milk. I hope to make this a priority as I feel like there’s no substitute, and especially since I live in Hawai’i, there is no excuse besides the time involved to make it. At the moment, I do use coconut milk from the can, but only the good kind with as little as ingredients as possible, and no preservatives.

You won’t find anything pre-packaged or frozen in this meal. Everything is made from scratch.

As with most of my foods, this dish has super healing powers as it contains turmeric, mint, and cilantro. For a crunchy texture, I add a bit of fried garlic and shallots. And the cucumber is necessary for added crunch and to cool the palate.