I am so proud of this woman! And I’m extremely lucky to have her support when I first started my food & catering business over 4 years ago. I remember our first food street festival we did in Chinatown, and Noe was there front and center ordering food from us even though it was one of the most disastrous events. Rain, 30 minute setup time allowance, long lines, prepped wayyyy to much food, forgetting ingredients, no lighting… hahaha!… I think back about that night and just laugh at how awful that night turned out. It was quite the learning experience.

Noe continued to visit me at my farmers’ market booths and hired me as her go-to #1 caterer for special events and holiday parties. Last night, it felt good to cater for her special one year anniversary celebration of her Haleiwa retail shop and yoga studio. I’ve seen her work from her house, to a studio at Sunset Beach, and now to a full fledged retail shop and yoga studio! What progress and success this woman has created! It’s truly inspiring! And it’s an indescribable feeling to have fellow female entrepreneurs supporting and empowering one another.

Last night will go down in the books as one of my more hilarious catering stories. And I’m blaming Mark Zuckerberg. When Noelani sent out the Facebook invite of her anniversary celebration, it was sent to me as Sunday, April 13, 2014. There is MAJOR BUG in Facebook, and I’m not sure if this is for Hawai’i time zone only, but Facebook dates show one day later than the actual date! So in my head, I noted that it was a little odd Noe was having her celebration on a Sunday evening, but I thought it was probably due to a yoga class scheduling conflict. Moving forward, Noe texts me asking if I’m available to cater for her party. I agree. Well, on Saturday early morning as I was preparing to get ingredients for the party thinking it was the day after, I decided to make a small change to the menu. I emailed Noe that morning, and she responds that it’s all good and she’s really excited to see me that night. My eyes bugged out when I read that email and it was 1pm! And here I am in Chinatown taking my time having a nice, leisurely lunch.  It was going to take me at least two hours to grab some ingredients and drive back to the North Shore. I got in hustle mode. I tell myself, Don’t Give Up! You just got to focus and get it done. How am I going to feed 70-100 people?!!!?  My mind goes into gear thinking of what dishes I can quickly whip up to feed a mass amount of people. I’m in a race against the clock. I felt I was living in a live episode of Iron Chef. I go into Power Mode and I really don’t know what happens… I’m just cooking up a freakin’ storm doing a gazillion things at once. It sounds chaotic, but I really felt I was taking my time and multi-tasking in my head of the timing of all the things that needed to be cooked and prepped. What should I do first, second, and at the same time and in between… done, done, done. done. I get back to the North Shore close to 3:30pm and in two hours I was able to whip up the following menu:
*Tropical Medley Mango Salad with Ginger-Pineapple-Mac Nut Dressing, aka Magic Tropical Dressing
*Avocado Dreamboats on Wonton Crisps with Cilantro-Cashew-Honey sauce, aka Magic Green Sauce
*Coconut sticky Rice and Mango
*Lemongrass-Turmeric Organic Chicken in Lettuce Cups
*And leftover organic chicken were great additions to the Tropic Medley Salad and Coconut Rice.
Not so bad, eh? And of course I don’t have pictures. I’m busy cooking and serving! I got there a tad late, but set up super quickly in the rain and BOOM… food was served. Of course, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without my right-wing woman, Zoe (I realize that it feels like I’m making up a children’s story with the only 2 females in my story have names that rhyme! ha!), who always seems to be there when I need her. She’s not even in Hawai’i that often, but when she is, she’s my greatest hero.

The event went smoothly and we had exactly the perfect amount of food to last through the entire night of the celebration! Everyone seemed happy with the food. As an extra bonus, I even got to meet future clients who have booked with me to cater their wedding later in October this year! I call this a win-win-win-win situation. Don’t give up! has been one of my greatest mottos for me to live by and Woo-hoo! It was a success!

Noelani Designs and Yoga Studio is located in Halei’wa Town right across from the post office and they have plenty of parking. Besides her beautiful jewelry, you can find clothing, yoga apparel, artwork, and much more more! Go check it out now!

Happy One Year Anniversary Noe! Congratulations! Shine on, beautiful lady!