I apologize in advance. These are going to be some of the worst quality photos. But I don’t care. Hopefully, you can see past it, and see the hard work and love that gets put into each event.

We did a wonderful wedding for Mikaela & Dwayne at Paradise Beach Rentals in Laie, North Shore, Oahu. It was the perfect day full of sunshine and good spirits!hoke poke


Here’s a photo of the hoke poke crisps! These were a crowd favorite! ahi

Only fresh ahi tuna here!
fresh ahi

This was the pic our fishmonger sent to me to let me know that my fresh ‘line-caught’ ahi tuna will be delivered! 
prep setup

Prepping for cocktail hour!
Buffet Setup

Setting up the buffet.

Getting read to grill. We have poached grilled monchong with two different sauces. A choice of lemongrass chili sambal or Thai basil pesto. On the right is lilikoi barbecue grilled shortribs.
Poisson Cru

Poisson cru! That’s the Tahitian version of Mexican ceviché. The main difference is that it is cooked in both lime and fresh coconut milk.Laie Wedding

A photo from inside the kitchen looking out as people start arriving.Buffet plate


Here’s an awful photo under fluorescent lighting of someone’s plate from the buffet! I probably shouldn’t be using those kinds of words, but I think even though with the bad quality, the food still shines through! That purple mash is okinawan sweet potato mash! There is no food coloring. That’s the real natural color and it’s mixed with coconut milk, so it is completely dairy free!